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KME is a proven leader producing a full line of custom fire apparatus, specializing in steel aerials, TDAs and severe service applications. With a passion for building workhorse fire apparatus, KME is engineered to serve. KME delivers a comprehensive solution with multiple material options to meet the unique demands of your fire department.

Authorized Dealer

Fire Service is an authorized dealer of your preferred brands with locations in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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KME Severe Service

Severe Service

Originally designed for large fleets in extreme duty use conditions, the Severe Service™ is now available for the fire departments coast to coast. The Severe Service™ concept is about a well-planned design created to accommodate the needs of the operators, crews and mechanics and have a rig that’s ready to respond, every time. This is THE extreme-duty chassis.

KME Ladders


KME ladders lead the Fire Service in horizontal reach, tipload capacity (wet and dry), high-capacity water flow, monitor positioning and safe access to the Ladder. Rearmount ladders range from 79′ to 123′, and although each model can be highly customized, each includes unparalleled strength with up to a 2.5:1 safety factor. The materials, testing, engineering and motion control systems in every KME aerial deliver the confidence to perform even under the most extreme conditions.

  • 79′ Single Axle
  • 79′ Tandem axle
  • 103′ 4 Section Tandem Axle
  • 109′ 4 Section Tandem Axle
  • 123′ 4 Section Tandem Axle
KME Platforms


The 102′ AerialCat™ platform offers the shortest wheelbases, overall lengths and lowest heights in the indutry. Recognized as the strongest ladders available, KME ladders also take smooth operation to a whole new level. Our motion control systems provide safer and easier controls than any truck ever built for the fire service.

  • 95′ Platform
  • 102′ Platform
KME Mid-Mount Platforms

Mid-Mount Platforms

KME has a full line of mid-mount platforms with travel heights as low as 126″, allowing your department to maneuver in low-clearance environments. KME mid-mounts also feature a short overall length from 43′, allowing you to navigate the tightest areas. However, low travel heights and short overall length don’t equal small storage capabilities. KME mid-mount platforms allow for storage of 1,000′ of LDH hose, and a large ISO ground ladder compliment, 300 gallons of water and full height/full depth compartments.

  • 84′ 5 Section Platform
  • 100′ 4 Section Ladder
  • 102′ 5 Section Platform
KME Tractor-Drawn Aerials

Tractor-Drawn Aerials

KME tractor-drawn aerials are known for their maneuverability with the shortest wheelbase and overall length available in the industry. Select a 101′ with a pre-piped waterway tiller or add a pump and tank and transform your TDA into an NFPA® 1901 compliant quint. Select a 100′ tiller with no water and get the shortest TDA available, allowing you to get into tightest fire scene or smaller fire stations.

  • 100′ TDA Ladder
  • 101′ TDA Ladder with Waterway
KME Tuff Truck

Tuff Truck™

Built to navigate around tight city streets the KME Tuff Tuck™ takes maximum drivability to a new level with a cab and body width as narrow as 96″ and a wheelbase as short as 198″. Designed with two sets of H style stabilizers fully extending to only 12′ allows for positioning and unrivaled performance on an 11-degree slope. By integrating mitered corners the rear tail swing is reduced by 9″ and diminishes the possibility of damage to the rear body. The Tuff Truck has an increased water capacity of up to 650 gallons of water and up to 249 cubic feet of body capacity for enhanced firefighting capability.

  • 103′ 4 Section Tandem Axle
KME Pumper

The KME Pumper product has continued to be a leader in the fire industry as the premier “Custom” fire pumper product. Whether you’re part of one of the largest city fire departments in the country or you’re a small, rural fire company, KME will create a unit to meet all of your specific function and design requirements.

KME Tanker

The KME Tanker/Water Tender line of apparatus offers design configurations to fit each customer’s specific needs ranging from the very simple water hauler with no pumper, to the full featured pumper-tanker with a full array of options. All KME tankers are built from the same base foundation with safety standard on all designs. Body configurations are available in Galvenneal steel, aluminum, 3CR12 stainless, and 304L stainless steel.

KME Rescue

KME is a true sole-source manufacturer, so customization is central in all we do. Product design begins with in-depth discussions with users as well as maintenance staff to understand how to make their apparatus safer, easier to use, and more reliable.

Authorized Dealer

Fire Service is an authorized dealer of your preferred brands with locations in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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